President’s Word

Tunisia has always been the land of durum wheat,

A wheat that our ancestors knew how to tame more than 10,000 years ago to make it the main component of their diet. Even today, this cereal, so difficult to grow, because it is complex and sometimes capricious, is still the bedrock of the Mediterranean diet.

Yet, its cultivation could decline under the double effect of global warming and shrinking arable land in exporting countries.

A policy aimed at achieving food
self-sufficiency in cereals

The scarcity of wheat predicted for the coming decades and its high cost pose a major challenge to our country since they call into question, no more and no less, our ability to feed ourselves.

This is the challenge that "Rose Blanche Group" has taken up for many years, aware of the wheat shortage and the risk that it would represent to Tunisia and its inhabitants.

Leader in its sector, "Rose Blanche Group" participates effectively through its activities in the implementation of a national policy as an attempt to achieve cereals self-sufficiency reliance.

The group’s success is the result
of mastering the entire value chain

It is by creating more value in the field crops sector through the production of seeds which are better adapted to the agro-ecological conditions of our country and by developing varieties of cereals of high nutritional quality that promotes better yields that we have managed today to master the entire food supply chain from field to fork.

Besides, certain initiatives often led in close collaboration with cereal growers and make Rose Blanche Group to be a very close and highly appreciated partner of the Tunisian agricultural world. Further, our technical advice and offers are likely to promote the development of a more responsible and environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture.

Our approach is not the simple willingness of being a citizen brand, but also the translation of our quality requirement, because the group's success is the result of mastery of the entire value chain.

Promoting and encouraging
better nutrition for all

WARDA, DIARI, SPIGA and MLIHA stand today, for every Tunisian, brands synonymous with quality thanks to our daily requirement in terms of the selection of raw materials and control of their transformation processes.

We strive for a culture of high standards based on the efficient organization of the group, the strength of its management system and the skills of all of its employees.

It is indeed the same goal that has united all Rose Blanche Group employees for three generations : to offer all Tunisians tasty products that meet their nutritional needs and promote a balanced diet, a Mediterranean diet that we value nonetheless with pride, well beyond our borders and particularly in Africa.