Production lines inspired by the traditional process initiated by our ancestors

Rose Blanche Group has always been a pioneer in the development of production processes in partnership with our machine suppliers. It is in these terms that a first prototype of a machine reproducing the ancestral gestures of making couscous was born with one of our partners in industrial equipment. Other production lines inspired by the traditional process initiated by our ancestors have also been developed for the production of artisanal pasta such as Nwasser, Hlelem or Mhammsa.

Today, the group has several international production patents for exclusive products, including a new couscous production process.



Very beneficial results for Tunisian agriculture

Thanks to its two subsidiaries operating upstream of its cereals sector, Rose Blanche Group carries out research programs in the field of varietal selection and also in the field of field crops. These programs aim to endow the Group with its own varietal portfolio in the field of seeds selected, produced and multiplied internally, so that they are better adapted to the agro-ecological environment of our country and more resistant to an increasingly more arid climate, thus producing new varieties that improve the yield of field crops as well as the nutritional and taste qualities of locally grown cereals. As part of this research, we collaborate with academic communities, suppliers, governments, grain farmers and expert committees; a multidisciplinary approach likely to lead to very beneficial results for Tunisian agriculture.

Animal feed

Improving the sustainability and profitability of our animal husbandry

Feed represents more than 70% of the cost of a broiler or turkey farm. Innovation in terms of food composition is, therefore, an essential lever in improving the economic performance and taste qualities of our products. Thus, our teams in the animal feed sector are constantly working on improving the sustainability and profitability of our farms.


Super chick

The superior quality of the chicks is at the heart of every development action undertaken by our subsidiary SAVINORD, in collaboration with our Dutch technology supplier HATCHTECH. All of our technological developments are aimed at improving the environment of chicks.

This puts the welfare and needs of these birds at the center of the process. For us, this makes sense: in a good environment, the chicks will be less stressed, resulting in better physical development.