Pasta is a universal dish and one of the most popular foods in the world.

The Group, thus, makes 40% of its sales at the international level with a notable presence on all five continents. The Group is one of the major players in the pasta sector in Libya and Algeria, two neighboring markets that are managed as an extension of our local market


Presence on several continents

position in Africa with a presence in more than 20 countries and actively contributes to the promotion of pasta and couscous on the continent as well as to the anchoring of these products in the culinary traditions of the local populations.

The Group has been able to expand its market on 5 continents by exporting its products to Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Australia with a global coverage of more than 60 countries. Its brands are positioned as a serious alternative to the benchmark pasta brands and intend to play a leading role in the global couscous market.

The Group has successfully led its internationalization process with the aim of establishing a presence abroad and as a priority in certain African countries and in the Middle East where it has dominant positions.