Our History


A true epic of more than 100 years carried out by 3 successive generations

From large-scale grain collection to pasta manufacturing, milling and grain trading, the story of Rose Blanche Group is a true epic spanning more than 100 years, carried out by 3 successive generations.

The Group, in its current structure and organization, has existed since 1984, the date of the merger of two century-old flour mills, “La Minoterie et Huilerie du Centre” with “La Minoterie Huilerie et Glacière du Sahel”. Its roots go back to the beginning of the last century (1904) when the late Mohamed Taieb Belkhiria, grain trader and grandfather of the current Chairman of the Group, Mr. Kamel Belkhiria, decided to develop large-scale cereal cultivation in order to meet the wheat needs of the first industrial flour mills which had just opened in the center of the country and, more specifically, in the Sahel region.

  • 1914


    Establishment of the flour mill “LA MINOTERIE DU SAHEL”

  • 1925


    Establishment of the flour mill ” LA MINOTERIE DU CENTRE”

  • 1984


    Foundation of MCSR flour and semolina mill as a result of merging of two flour mills “LA MINOTERE DU SAHEL” and “LA MINOTERIE DU CENTRE”.

  • 1994


    Creation of the company UNAGRO and start of the grain trading activity

  • 1995


    Establishment of “PATES WARDA” Company and lauch of the production of pasta and couscous in 1997 under the brand name “LA ROSE BLANCHE” which will later become “WARDA”

  • 1997


    Establishment of “Transfood” Company and entry into transport and logistic activity

  • 1999


    Establishment of “MEDIGRAIN” company and consolidation of trading activity

  • 2001


    Establishment of “CMA” and start of the activities of warehousing and gathering of cereals

  • 2002


    Establishment of “SINDBAD” company and entry into the distribution business

  • 2005


    Establishment of “AMT” company specialising in the manufacture of bakery and pastry ingredients

  • 2006


    Acquisition of “ACN” company of and start of the compound feed manufacturing business

  • 2008


    Takeover of the industrial pole of Sfax that aggregates “CDS”, “STPA”, “SPAAS”, “CARAVAN” and “FLEXOPRINT” with a doubling of group capacities of production

  • 2008


    Creation of “GMC” company (Les Grands Moulins du Cap Bon) with the takeover of the “Les Grands Moulins de Nabeul” whose activity stopped in 2003.

  • 2012


    Establishment of SOSEM company and the launch of the largest seed production unit in africa

  • 2014


    Takeover of “GALLUS” company and its subsidiaires “SOPAT”, and the the launch of breeding, slaughtering and processing of poultry activity

  • 2015


    Establishment of “ARCADIA” company, whose purpose is the international trade

  • 2016


    Establishment of “SOLAGRI” company specialized in the trading of the agriculture inputs

  • 2019


    Takeover of the “SAVINORD” company and immersion into the incubation and production activity of the broiler chicks

  • 2020


    Establishment of the “SOFIN PARTICIPATIONS” company which is dedicated to investment and financial restructuring operations

  • 2021


    Establishment of the “ALIFORT” company specialized in the mash feed production for livestock