Our values


For a healthy and balanced diet

The Group aims, through its diverse and varied products, to provide its consumers with the well-being and pleasure of a healthy and balanced diet. This commitment is reflected in the attention paid to the nutritional quality of its raw materials and in its efforts to develop new tasty products that are fully in line with an ever-changing lifestyle.


Rose Blanche Group" is committed to guaranteeing its customers the highest level of quality and safety

From its creation, "Rose Blanche Group" has been committed to guaranteeing its customers the highest level of quality and safety for all of its products. By adopting rigorous international standards, we pursue this policy of improving quality every day throughout the production chain.

The excellence of the management system, the know-how of the teams as well as the scrupulously applied operating methods ensure that this quality is maintained over time.

The Group, through its subsidiaries operating upstream of the wheat sector, ensures that it establishes close and contractual relationships with local cereal producers near its collection centers, to optimize the costs of its logistics and guarantee the optimum quality of the product. wheat and better manage its wheat sector.

Rose Blanche Group has continued to share its deep conviction that durum wheat derivatives, which are semolina, pasta, and couscous, are essential in a balanced diet. Combining them with other sources of lean protein helps maintain good health, they are slow-digesting carbohydrates that strengthen the body and provide energy for the brain. They are also natural foods, nutritious, accessible to all, and easy to prepare.

Bringing healthy, tasty, and inexpensive food to a wide audience daily in the pure Mediterranean culinary tradition, such is our mission for present generations and our promise for future generations.