Our history


A true epic of more than 100 years carried by 3 successive generations

From large-scale cereal collection to the manufacture of pasta, including flour milling and grain trading, the history of the "Rose Blanche Group" is a true epic spanning more than 100 years, carried by 3 successive generations.

The Group, in its current structure and organization, has existed since 1974, the date of the merger of two century-old flour mills, “La Minoterie et Huilerie du Centre” with “La Minoterie Huilerie et Glacière du Sahel”. It all started in the beginning of the last century (1914) when the late Mohamed Taieb Belkhiria, grain trader and grandfather of the current Chairman of the Group, Mr. Kamel Belkhiria, decided to develop large-scale grain cultivation to meet the wheat needs of the first industrial flour mills which had just opened in the center of the country and more precisely in the Sahel region.

  • 1904


    Constitution of the Sahel flour mill

  • 1925


    Establishment of the Center flour mill

  • 1984


    Creation of the MCSR following the merger of the flour mill in the Center with the flour mill in the Sahel.

  • 1994


    Creation of the company UNAGRO and start of the grain trading activity